Cooper Cooler Price: $79.99 (as of 28/07/2019 08:58 PST- Details)

Electric machine chills cans in 1 minute and wine bottles in 6 minutes
Beverages rotate while being sprayed with ice water; also heats baby bottles
Automatic touchpad features preset times, extra-chill setting, and add-ice indicator light


Revolutionary Cooling Systems’ Cooper Cooler quickly chills room temperature beverages for a cold, refreshing drink. Just pour ice and water into the Cooper Cooler, select the container setting, and the cooler does the rest. A patented process chills by rotating beverages while simultaneously spraying them with ice water. The appliance will cool a 12 ounce beverage can from 77 degrees to 43 degrees in about 1 minute. An “extra” chill setting chills beverages to 34 degrees. The cooling process will not effect a drink’s taste, composition, or cause carbonated beverages to fizz and explode upon opening. The Cooper Cooker is great for parties, road trips, dorm rooms, and office break rooms.

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